Palmer Functional Brain Dominance Test

Fill out the form below to see how your brain works.

Which Group of Characteristics Best Describes You?
Linear Thinker Creative
Detail & Fact Oriented Shapes & Patterns
Like Reading, Phonics, Language & Talking Like Singing, Music, Theater & Art
More Auditory/Listening More Visual
Look at the "parts" before the "whole." See the Whole Picture
Logical Emotional
Prefer Number Prefer Color
Time-Oriented Active
Prefer True/False Prefer Essays
Play it Safe Risk Taker
Ask: "How?" Ask: "Why?"
Select One of Each of the Following
Left Ear Right Ear
Left Eye Right Eye
Left Hand Right Hand
Left Foot Right Foot
Left Hand Right Hand
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

To review the benefits of knowing your results and how to make it more meaningful to you, let’s talk about your learning style on the phone.

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