Client Testimonials 

“After using the technology that Focus Point Therapy’s practice introduced me to, I have seen significant improvements in healing my pain, productivity, and thought processing. The advanced brain training has provided me with clearer thinking and has enabled me to better cope with my anger and sleep deprivation. Being able to utilize the advanced brain training from the comfort of my own home has been HUGE for me and has even provided me with skills to better deal with the challenges I have with my children"

  • S.R., Michigan

"The Palmer Functional Pain Scale© is a way for me to accurately describe the pain I am experiencing. It allows me to base my current pain on everyday activities in order to get as close as possible to measuring my pain."

- O.S., Michigan

"As a student, I have learned that pain is very subjective. I have been taught that "0 is no pain, and 10 is the worst pain you have ever felt." I don't know the worst pain they have ever felt, nor do I know their tolerance for pain, so it has always been difficult for me to know exactly what they are feeling. Seeing the Palmer Functional Pain Scale© being used by clients and how easy it is for them to quantify their pain based on whether they can or cannot complete an activity gives me the ability to effectively create treatment plans and grade activities based on their current pain level."
- S.R., MIchigan

"The Palmer Functional Pain Scale has allowed me to accurately convey my pain level(s) to doctors, PTs, and OT's. By using this scale, it is easier for me to break down my thoughts related to my pain levels. More objectively, I either can or cannot do an activity. Communicating with my case manager and attorney has been more consistent when measuring my progress or lack thereof. My case manager can guide me to the proper doctors and therapies because of the clarity of this functional scale. I use it consistently now wherever I go."
- D.A., Michigan

"Working with Maureen at Focus Point has been life changing. I came here years ago from an accident that caused me brain problems. My advancements are growing every day because of the helpful people that work here. I come in feeling so much pain, but when leave I feel relaxed, well-adjusted. None of the things that we do here put any strain or pressure on me, unlike the doctors I go to. Working with Maureen helped me understand that I don't have to live with aches and pain. I love it here because it’s a one-on-one session, which means Maureen really understands my problems. Her kindness and love at this place is so tremendous and I’m so thankful for that."
- W.O., Michigan

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